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Discover the authentic flavors of Sri Lanka with our 100% natural spices, sourced from the fertile lands and carefully harvested and processed to preserve their unique aroma and taste.

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Premium Ceylon Spices

Explore our premium selection of 100% natural spices, harvested from Sri Lanka's fertile lands. Indulge in the authentic taste of Cinnamon Sticks, Powder, Leaf Oil, and Bark Oil, carefully processed to preserve their unique flavor and aroma.


Quality Spices

Our spices are carefully harvested and processed to preserve their unique aroma and taste, ensuring you get the highest quality product.

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Our customers love our spices! We're proud to have a 99% satisfaction rate and a growing community of spice enthusiasts.

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With over two decades of experience, we have the expertise to source the best spices and deliver exceptional service to our customers.

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We offer a wide range of natural and aromatic spices, including cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, cinnamon leaf oil, and cinnamon bark oil.

Our Products

From the Fertile Lands of Sri Lanka

We bring you the finest selection of 100% natural spices sourced from the fertile lands of Sri Lanka. Each spice is carefully harvested and processed to preserve its unique aroma and taste. Explore our collection and experience the authentic flavors of Sri Lanka.

Cinnamon Sticks

Our Cinnamon Sticks are hand-selected and sun-dried for the perfect balance of sweetness and aroma. Use them to flavor your coffee or add them to your curries for an extra kick.

Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Our Cinnamon Leaf Oil is extracted from the leaves of the cinnamon tree, offering a warm and spicy fragrance. Ideal for aromatherapy and natural remedies.

Garcinia Powder

Our Garcinia Powder is made from 100% natural and organic Garcinia Cambogia fruit. It's perfect for adding to smoothies and meals for a healthy boost.

Moringa Tea

Our Moringa Tea is a healthy and flavorful blend made from 100% pure Moringa leaves. Enjoy the benefits of this nutrient-packed superfood in every cup.

Moringa Powder

Our Moringa Powder is made from the highest quality moringa leaves, packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants. Add to smoothies or sprinkle on your favorite dishes for a health boost.

Black Pepper

Our Black Pepper is sourced from the finest farms and delivers a bold, spicy flavor. Perfect for seasoning meats, vegetables, and adding to sauces and marinades.


Our Cloves are handpicked and sun-dried for intense flavor and aroma. Use in curries, desserts or hot drinks for a warm and spicy touch to your dishes.

Ginger Powder

Our Ginger Powder is made from premium quality ginger root, adding a warm and spicy flavor to your recipes. Perfect for adding to teas, baked goods, and curries.

Turmeric Powder

Our Turmeric Powder is made from pure, high-quality turmeric root, packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for adding flavor and color to your favorite recipes.

Lemongrass Powder

Our Lemongrass Powder is made from fresh, fragrant lemongrass, packed with zesty flavor and essential oils. Use to add a tangy twist to your favorite recipes.

Clove Powder

Our Clove Powder is made from premium quality cloves, delivering a warm and sweet flavor to your recipes. Perfect for baking, cooking, and seasoning your favorite dishes.

White Pepper

Our White Pepper is a premium quality spice, made from the ripest berries for a mild and delicate flavor. Perfect for seasoning soups, sauces, and marinades.


Cinnamon sticks/quills are made by peeling off the inner bark of the cinnamon tree and letting them dry. After that curled cinnamon sticks into rolls, they are graded according to the color, thickness, foxing, and other factors. You can request cinnamon sticks of the following grades in different lengths ranging from 3’’ to 42’’.

The product catalogue of Ceylon cinnamon sticks ranging from the highest valued to the lowest is mentioned as follows

  • Grade

  • Alba

    C5 Extra Special

    C5 Special



    M5 Special





    Quiling No 01

    Quiling No 02

  • Approximate Diameter

  • 6mm - 7mm

    7mm - 8mm

    8mm -9mm

    10mm - 12mm

    13mm - 16mm

    15mm - 16mm

    17mm - 18mm

    19mm - 21mm

    21mm - 23mm

    23mm - 25mm

    cinnamon chips

    cinnamon chips

  • Texture & Flavors

  • Most slenderer, rich in flavor

    Smooth texture, sweeter flavor

    Smooth texture, sweeter flavor

    Smooth texture, sweeter flavor

    Smooth texture, sweeter flavor

    Coarse texture, powerful spicy aroma

    Coarse texture, powerful spicy aroma

    Coarse texture, powerful spicy aroma

    Thick, Coarser texture, spicier taste

    Thick, Coarser texture, spicier taste

    Leftovers of above grades

    Leftovers of above grades


Ceylon Cinnamon quills/featherings are mostly used to make powder. Depending on the particle size, we have different grades of Ceylon cinnamon powder.

  1. Grade A – This is the finest powder you can get. The highest grades of cinnamon are used to manufacture this grade.
  2. Grade B – This is the next finest powder we have after Grade A. The texture will be coarser and the average grade cinnamon sticks will be used to manufacture this grade
  3. Tea Cut – The particle sizes are larger than Grade A and Grade B and look like very small chips.


Ceylon cinnamon leaf oil is being extracted by using cinnamon leaves and twigs. The technique used here is the steam distillation. Our products have high Eugenol content with better quality, color, and aroma.


Ceylon cinnamon bark oil is extracted with high-quality cinnamon bark by using the steam distillation extraction technique. We manage to maintain a high level of Cinnamaldehyde percentage in our bark oil.